Combining Christmas Orders

The Combine Orders application is designed to make it simple to move one day’s orders and add them to another. This is particularly useful at Christmas and New Year and other Bank Holidays but can be used at any time if and when the need arises.

It can only be used to move a day back i.e. it could move all the orders from a Bank Holiday Monday back to the previous Saturday to enable staff to have the Monday off. Or it could combine Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday’s orders together onto the Monday to give staff Christmas Day and Boxing Day Off. It cannot be used to move a Monday onto a Tuesday for example.

In operation the application creates a forward order for every customer in the week or weeks that the days combined are located. It combines whichever two days you select and will replace the ‘To’ day selected with the total of the ‘To’ and ‘From’ days orders. It will then delete all amounts from the ‘From’ day. It is imperative that you run a backup routine on your round before commencing the operation so if there is an error in the chosen days it can be rectified by the support team.

Once the operation is completed you will have a Forward Order for each customer and can access them easily using the Customer Select options or by using the plus and minus keys to move through your round when entering completed Order Forms.

On the Main screen click on the Round Menu option then follow Maintenance out to Combine Orders and then click on Move a Days Orders.

Select the day you wish to move the order from. Either type the dates into the box or click on the small arrows to display a calendar. If typing in the date, remember you must either TAB (or click) out of the text box, before you can continue.

Selecting a date on the calendar will put that date into the date selection box. Clear cancels the selection.

You can only move one day at a time. If you wish to ‘Treble Up’ then you must move each day into the ‘To’ date in separate moves. E.g. Move Tuesday 27th into Saturday 24th, then move Monday 26th into Saturday 24th. Alternatively you could move Tuesday into Monday, then move the Tuesday/Monday combination from Monday to Saturday.

Note: Remember that once the order has been moved from a day, that day becomes empty.

Finally you will be asked to confirm your selections. The days will now be combined, and the data recalculated.

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